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Cancer Sucks

This last week has been a very big struggle for me mentally! A girl, I never got the opportunity to meet, passed away from cancer that she had been battling cancer for some time. I made her a quilt out of T-shirts from her favorite soccer team (Real Salt Lake), Because of Covid-19 and her having a compromised immune system I never got to give her the quilt.

This past week she passed away and I still had the quilt, this strained me mentally. I felt like a failure for not finishing what I had started. My new friend that I have made after learning about Mak and her condition, Helped me resolve my mental turmoil. She suggested that I give it to the family, she said that it would mean a lot to the family.

Due to the fact that the family had just lost their loved one, I did not give it directly to them but instead gave it to my new friend, which gave it to a girl that was closer to the family. She has facilitated many amazing moments for this fantastic girl. Along with the other amazing things she has done for Mak, Last Saturday she coordinated a Jeep parade that would lead the family and hearse to Mak's final resting place.

I was able to attend this parade, unfortunately the Race Jeep was not running so I was unable to take it to honor Mak. Instead I just drove my truck. I figured it would be better to be a part of the parade for my own sanity, although it was very emotional for me it brought some resolution to some feelings I have been having since going through my treatments, it felt good to see all the love that the community had for this young girl. I am so grateful to be among the Jeep community.

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