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Baby Jeep Racing and Tribe 16 Team Up

Baby Jeep Racing and Tribe 16 Team Up

For King of the Hammers 2021 Baby Jeep Racing had the help from the extremely experienced Tribe 16 crew. They know the new race car better than we do, since they built it and campaigned it for several years.

Starting with the previous driver of record Matt Howell he taught me a lot about how to drive the car and pick the best lines through the qualifying course, he also gave me a lot of advice on mind set throughout race week. Next is “mama” Lance Gilbert that let me use his rock crawler to go pre-run the rock sections of the race course, he also introduced me to new people in the industry that are important to my future in motorsports. Next is Adam Scherer or “Schererererererer” this man has such a funny personality, he is a quiet calming person to have around he knows his stuff and was a huge help in teaching me and my dad about our new race car, he also helped my dad learn the “new to him” Lead Nav system so that we he could better navigate for me during the race.

The team these three have built at Tribe 16 is by far the best I have seen, each one of them has their own skill that they bring to the table. It’s amazing how each of them have strengths and know all of their rolls on the team. I have said this before, but I can’t thank each and everyone of them enough for their efforts towards the success of the Baby Jeep Racing team.

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