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This last week I have been listening to a book called “Drive” by Kelley Earnhardt Miller.

It’s a story about her life growing up in the Nascar world. Now I am not a fan of Nascar racing, but that does not mean that I am not willing to learn about the business of nascar. If you don’t know like I didn’t Kelley is the daughter of the Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. In the book Kelley tells the story of her relationship with her family members. I have not yet finished the book but everything I have heard so far is an incredible story of good timing and hard work.

In the book Kelley also talks in depth about how she runs JRM (Junior Motorsports), and is an executive at Nascar. I find this incredibly interesting to learn about, it has given me some unique outlooks on how to run my race team. I am always looking for new ways to further my race team and become a top tier team in the Off-road community, specifically in Ultra4.

I have never enjoyed the traditional way of learning, e.g. sitting down in a classroom listening to someone tell me what I need to know. To add to that I have always struggled applying what I am learning in a classroom setting to real life situations. For some reason that I can’t explain when I listen to a book while I am working on my craft I am able to retain and apply the information, I also have a hard time finding the time to sit down and read a book so I have always enjoyed listening to audio books. There are a lot of different ways to get access to audio books, the main way I listen to audio books is through Audible.

I will add links below to some of the other books that I have listened to and learned a good amount about running a small business in today’s financial climate. I still have an incredible amount to learn about the industry and how to better operate and promote my team and partners, If you know of any books that would be worth the listen please comment and let me know the title of these books.

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These links are paid links through Amazon

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